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The Philadelphia Film Critics Circle nominates and selects annual awards for the year’s best films.

2019 Awards Calendar

12/?/19 – Deadline for members to receive all screeners to be considered. The later these arrive the lower the likelihood of their nomination.

12/?/19 – The deadline for all screenings for films to be considered for 2019 awards.

12/?/19 – The members meet to nominate and select the year’s best films and performances.

The voting will take place at the ?.

12/?/19 – The PFCC formally announces the winners.

For questions or comments regarding PFCC annual awards please contact us at info at

Voting Categories

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Best Picture

Best Director

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actress

Best Script

Best Soundtrack/Score

Best Directorial Debut

Best Breakthrough Performance

Best Cinematography

Best Documentary Film

Best Foreign Language Film

Best Animated Film

Steve Friedman Award: Optionally awarded to a person or film that drives major public discourse on a topic or issue.

Elaine May Award:  Optionally awarded to a deserving person or film that brings awareness to women’s issues.